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Getting GOT Series

Getting SELF is our foundation programme which starts you on the journey of understanding your own brain wiring, while improving mental wellbeing.

Getting SELF Programme provides key insights into participants brain wiring and emotional responses works with a view to helping you to start to consciously learn how to be your ‘best self’.

Getting SELF Programme outcomes:

  • Identify how every human brain is uniquely wired, and how this influences our behaviour and decisions especially under pressure.
  • Identify our own strengths and challenges, enabling us to thrive under pressure.
  • Build resilience by identifying triggers,
  • Adapt support to enable you to be your ‘best-self’ in all situations.
Getting OTHERS Programme by DivergenThinking

The Goal of Getting OTHERS is to learn how to listen with a neurodiverse lens to support different brain wiring thrive.

In the Getting OTHERS Programme we learn how to recognise different brain wiring through language used and how emotions drives particular behaviours within each of the nQuadrants. We look at what drives the other nQuadrants how to listen through a neurodiverse lens for the language they use  

Getting OTHERS Programme outcomes:

  • Understand the four types of Psychological Safety
  • Discover how to identify which dominant nQuadrant each of your team members processes the world through
  • Become aware of why particular team conflicts arise through ‘Clash of the nQuadrants’.
  • Get under the ‘hood’ of your own team.
  • Consider how you can have the greatest influence on others.

The Goal of Getting TEAMS Programme brings together the Getting GOT Series bringing together a team of different brains to help the whole team to thrive.

Getting TEAMS Programme is about creating high performing neurodiverse teams. Understanding the dynamics of teams is crucial for any leader, manager, or team member striving for excellence.  In today’s diverse working environment, understanding neurodiversity adds an extra layer of depth to this knowledge.  

Getting TEAMS Programme outcomes:

  • Recognise how teams need to come together to enhance productivity, innovation, and Psychological Safety.
  • Realise why conflict arises in teams through a neurodiverse lens.
  • Learn the normal development stages of teams which includes healthy conflict.
  • Get under the ‘hood’ of your own team.
  • Consider how you can have the greatest influence with your team.

Getting Your Neurodiverse SELF Series

Getting Your ADHD SELF Programme

If you or someone you know lives with ADHD and you struggle with your everyday, you need help and support and tips and tricks to manage it (better) then this course may be for you.

Understand your ADHD or someone close to you with ADHD better, so you can know best how to work with your brain.

Figure out how ADHD works and affects your everyday life.

Learn techniques and ways to manage your ADHD better, so you can thrive rather than just survive.

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