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Our why Our unique nQFramework transforms businesses by helping them to recognise and understand cognitive differences to unlock their team’s valuable potential, which ultimately, supercharges any organisation to thrive.

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Celebrating Neurodiversity Week

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What do Lorde, Richard Branson, Thomas Jefferson & Emma Watson all have in common?

Besides their “name”,
they are all  Neurodiverse.


As we have learned over time, training alone does not change behaviour – really, it’s a ‘tick box’ exercise. 

To address this we are deconstructing work environments, when your organisation embraces neurodiversity, you unlock human potential and create an equitable & inclusive workplace.
However, like everything, to truly embrace neurodiversity within your organisation, simple awareness of everyone else’s differences is not enough. 

And this is where we step in – as a response to this, we have developed our nQ Framework to help organisations large and small adapt to unlock their teams’ full potential.

Did you know that roughly 40% of your organisation is Neurodiverse?

So what is?  What is this “term”?

Neurodiversity and neurodiversity are distinct.  Little n for neurodiversity fits into our philosophy everybody’s brain is different, and we are all to some degree neurodiverse. Big N is more extreme forms of Neurodiversity i.e., autism, dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, and many more.  The question is has Neurodiversity hindered Lorde, Richard Branson, Thomas Jefferson, and Emma Watson?  We say no, but in fact, it is this very essence that they embrace, that has made them a household name.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of ignorance, judgment, and bias around labels like Autism, ADHD or depression,  Stigma is about ‘them’ and ‘us’ which is why we have developed our strengths-based NQFramework and why it is so powerful. It helps us all understand what different brains/people are driven by, how they learn and why they behave the way they do.  And our nQFramework will help you to unlock this secret potential as well.

What happens when your organisation embraces both?

Organisation outcome – by maximising the power of neurodiversity & Neurodiversity to supercharge productivity, innovation and therefore, the bottom line. 

Employee outcome – enhancing employee engagement, retention and mental well-being.


as likely to meet or exceed financial targets


as likely to be high performing


more likely to be innovative and adjile


more likely to achieve better business outcomes

Taking care of your employees is now essential for the business. Essential for leaders. There’s a new urgency to the work HR leaders are doing, because unless firms make a concerted effort to inspire and uplift their struggling staff, we’re going to have a mental health crisis on our hands.

Arianna Huffington
Founder – Huffington Post

DivergenThinking was founded on purpose and passion.

Everybody’s brain is different, we are all neurodiverse.
Learning how our brain works is the best mental well-being programme we can embark on.



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The nQ Roadmap

OUR GOAL: Neurodiversity Framework demonstrates what “good” looks like with six key competencies ensuring systematic changes occur at all organisational levels with your Road Map, building NQ.

OUR FRAMEWORK:  You have heard of IQ and EQ.  We have created NQ (Neurodiversity Intelligence).
NQ framework provides a clear pathway to move from NQ1 Novice to NQ5 Mastery. 

YOUR ROADMAP:  We create a Neurodiversity Road Map (RM) with clear goals, accountabilities and timeframes to keep you on track and move towards a business-as-usual outcome owned by the business and not any single group of individuals.

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