ADHD Programme

Does this sound like you?

You struggle with your everyday life.

You feel lost and alone, feel misunderstood.

You feel you never fully fit in.

You feel overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life, be that running your home, organising your family and/or demands in your professional working life.

Do you suspect you are ADHD or have someone close to you who is diagnosed or suspected ADHD?

Are you waiting to get assessed but need help and support now?

Then we may have a fantastic opportunity for you..

Introducing our brand new programme

Getting your ADHD Self

Go from surviving to thriving in six weeks

What we want you to get out of it

Understand your ADHD or someone close to you with ADHD better, so you can know best how to work with your brain.

Figure out how ADHD works and affects your everyday life.

Learn techniques and ways to manage your ADHD better, so you can thrive rather than just survive.

How does it work and what is included:

Six week of directed training with a mix of eLearning, live training sessions with Anton and Natasya and a handy printable and fillable workbook for all your notes along the way.

1. Week 1: Access to our e-Learning suite

2. Week 2 – 6: 5 Modules with LIVE training sessions and workbooks

Week 2 Module 1 – Maximising ADHD Strengths

Week 3 Module 2 – Supporting ADHD Challenges

Week 4 Module 3 – Orange Brain Challenges

Week 5 Module 4 – Overcoming Self-sabotage

Week 6 Module 5 – Getting into Action

Each session is psycho educational and also skills based with time for interactive discussions with your fellow ADHDers!

How long does it take?

The complete live programme runs for a total of 6 weeks from 3rd November

We expect you to be able to complete the eLearning course in about 1 hour.

We then come together for one hour each week in our live session.

We recommend you spend some additional time during the week to process the learnt material and reflect.

What is the investment

One off payment of $495

Payment plan available – 3 instalments of $185 each

Please note:

This is a one-off price for the first time we are offering this brand new programme, it will not return at this price.

Spaces are strictly limited in order to provide a very high-touch experience.

Future rounds of this programme may not have a live component to it, making this first time programme exceptional value.

We are kicking off….

We are kicking things off the week of 3rd November by giving you access to the eLearning course.

You complete the eLearning first and before we kick off with our live sessions so you have the basic understanding of our approach and the methodology we are using in our teaching.

Why should you sign up to this course

If you are struggling with getting through your everyday life.

If sometimes everyday, simple and basic (aka mundane) tasks are too hard.

If you feel you should be “doing better”.

Then this programme will be beneficial for you!

What will you be getting out of this course

An in-depth understanding of what makes yourself and the people around you tick ie. how their brains are wired and function.

An increased awareness how different brain wiring affects our everyday lives – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Tools, tips and tricks to manage the challenges that ADHD may bring better and more effectively – without medication or the need for a formal diagnosis

What makes our programme unique

Our co-founder Anton Ashcroft is a registered psychologist and an expert in neurodiversity.

Our other co-founder Natasya Jones is diagnosed ADHD and has ADHD children – she has the personal experience that matters so much in understanding what our clients go through on a daily basis.

We are giving back – part of our purpose is that despite being a “for profit” we will reinvest into community and school projects, enabling schools to participate in our programmes at a reduced or free rate so we can have an impact at a level that is very close to our heart.

Not quite ready to sign up or you have any other questions?

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