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Sample Getting SELF
Module 1

The Getting SELF eLearning is part of our Getting SELF programme and is our foundation programme which starts you on the journey of mental wellbeing which teaches you how your brain works and takes you through:

  • FREE Module 1 – Explore what Neurodiversity is, and the benefits Neurodiverse individuals.
  • Module 2 – Explore the two main drivers of human behaviour.
  • Module 3 – Learn about the neurodiversity Quadrants (nQ), strengths and challenges for each
  • Module 4 – Learn the three brain states and how strategies need to change to manage stress in each brain state.
  • Module 5 – Introduces our NQ Model and Neurodiverse labels provided through psychiatrists to define stronger Neurodiverse traits

Meet Anton co-founder and in-house psychologist who will start you on your mental wellbeing journey,

We hope you find the learning as powerful as many others have!

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