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Getting OTHERS eLearning

This is the second of the Getting GOT series. Getting OTHERS is about learning how to support others’ mental wellbeing to thrive. It takes you through:

Module 1

  • Review the key learnings from Getting SELF and understand the Why for adapting your style to meet the needs of differing brains.
  • Start to develop an awareness of how to adapt your style to support each dominant nQuadrant when in a green brain state.

Module 2

  • Learn how to distinguish between different nQuadrants by their language and behaviour.
  • Learn some of the many tips on how best to support each different nQuadrant, both in general and specifically when coaching.

Module 3

  • Why interpersonal conflict can arise between different nQuadrants also known as “Clash of the Quadrants.”
  • How we can support the nQuadrants using the SCARF model and the nQuadrants.
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